I'm Lynn Welling Empey:

executive function coach and life coach

I help families with teens struggling with ADHD & other executive function issues regain control so they can live a life they love!





Persistence in reaching goals


emotional dysregulation


getting started on a task

switching from one task to another





ignoring distractions

emotional control

working memory



refraining from blurting out



If your teen(s) struggle with any of the above ...



I'm an Executive Function and Life Coach. I help families with teens struggling with ADHD and other executive function challenges regain control so they can live a life they love.


Is this happening in your home? 


Every night there is an argument or shouting match or screams and tears over something or even anything, that is way out of proportion to the problem. 


There is risky (sexual or the like) behavior occurring.

Your teen daughter wants to self-harm.  

Your teen is becoming increasingly downcast, depressed, anxious, crying a lot, talking about being no good or giving other self-degrading messages.

The relationships within the family are strained and being stretched to the limit!


Your own stress level is interfering with your ability to be yourself and is making the situation even worse.


It is possible to bring an end to this and put things back into your own zone of control!

To take the first step, click below to get some relief, in the form of talking to a real live person (ME) who will listen attentively to you, assess the executive functions in a general manner, and give you the next steps to regaining control and good relationships.

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Besides offering coaching for families with teens who are struggling with ADHD and other executive function challenges, Lynn also offers separate coaching services; parent coaching, social skills coaching related to executive functioning, one time 'burning questions' sessions and Life Coaching services. Lynn's goal is to help families regain control so they can live a life they love. 


Lynn is, and has been, a private music teacher for 45 years. During this time, she has taught hundreds of students (adults and kids) and worked with student's parents. Many of them have struggled with attention issues, following directions, working memory, procrastination, managing overwhelm, getting started, being on time, underachieving, low self-esteem, making decisions, motivation, planning, prioritizing, and organization; all executive function issues. She also raised 2 kids alone, both of whom have some executive function challenges. With a late adolescent diagnosis of ADHD for her daughter, she realized that her mother also had ADHD (undiagnosed)  as well as other disorders, and that these challenges had impacted Lynn greatly. 


Searching for answers, Lynn became a certified life coach, then a certified health coach, and finally, a certified executive function coach. These three certifications enable Lynn to coach clients from a wholistic approach. From her own experiences with family, she knows that all members of a family are impacted by the executive function challenges of each member. Thus Lynn works with all members, first as a family, then individually, over a period of time. 

Lynn believes in a collaborative approach with her clients, so that each person has input into each session and in the direction that upcoming sessions may assume. She also strives to allow each person to reach full potential.


Lynn works with people in all parts of Canada through virtual consultations and phone calls.




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Pink Sand Coaching

Offering education and support for ADHD and other executive function challenges.

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Family Coaching

Coaching for teens, their parents and siblings.


Parent Coaching

Guidance in dealing with the challenges parents face and how to be pro-active.

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Burning Question

Collab Sessions

Collaborative sessions for those who just need to know one thing.

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Social Skills Coaching

& Practice

Coaching and practice for Teens and Tweens with executive function challenges.

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Life Coaching

Coaching for those who wish to create a life they love in all realms (financial, time, health, relationships, and vocation/career.

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